jBOP is a modular designed program for calculation, optimization and plotting of round strand ropes.

With selectable constructions, wire diameters and lay length we calculate strand diameter, rope diameter and gaps between wires and strands.
In addition we calculate metallic area of strand and rope, fill factor, mass per unit length, outer wire factor, tensile grade and nominal aggregate breaking load.

The optimization determines wire diameters. To optimize a rope you only need to specify construction, rope diameter, and the number of strands/wires as well as lay length of outer strands/wires. Moreover it is possible to optimize with arbitrary given gaps.

Switch Calculation / Optimization
A special attribute of Capix-BOP is to switch between calculation and optimization. So it is possible to replace optimized wire diameters in your construction with diameter of stored wires.

It is possible to plot a sectional drawing of strands and ropes on a connected plotter. You can also plot a cross view of a rope with all wires.
To have a very fast visual check you can plot to monitor. Moreover you can plot via a file to printer.

jBOP is avaiable since autumn 2011 (german version). The international edition was finished to the trade fair wire Düsseldorf® in March 2012.